Cracked Screen Repair


Cracked Screen?

Cracked Screen Repair - Get your Samsung Galaxy repaired professionally by the experts at Newark Cell Phone Repair. We have fixed so many cell phones we have lost count. We have more experience repairing cell phones than anyone in the entire area. We are the very best when it comes to taking care of our customers. We won't let you down. If you haven't tried us yet you will be glad you called and stopped by.

Cracked iPhone?

We can have you in and out in no time. We fix iphones. Professional staff on hand during normal business hours to repair a cracked screen. Call ahead to make sure we have your part in stock.

Cracked Screen For LG?

Have no fear Newark Cell Phone Repair Is Here!

You might want to call and see if we have the new screen for your make and Model. 973-988-2656

Is Your Motorolla Screen Broken?

We'll have you looking good in a flash. You will wait awhile at other companies but not here. Chances are we can do you right away!

You Could Do It Yourself

But, you would need the proper tools to accomplish this daunting task. There are many very tiny parts inside a cell phone. It is very challenging your first time. Even if someone was to show you. It is hard to do. Ice skating looked easy the first time I saw somebody do it too. But when I tried I fell on my ass!

cracked screen before and after

All Phones Repaired

We take your device from broken to fixed in no time flat. Repaired while you wait most of the time. Call Ahead 973-988-2656
cracked ipad before and after

All iPads Repaired

iPad repair is easy peasy. Just let us know you are coming and we will be glad to get you fixed right up. Call: 973-988-2656
cracked laptop screen replacement

All Laptops Repaired

You name it we fix it. All makes and models of Laptops. Boom! Call Now: 973-988-2656