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Services here at Newark Cell Phone Repair we are more than just a cell repair shop. You will clearly see that when you come in. We offer more services than just cell repair. We fix laptops and notebooks and desktops too. Remember we repair all makes and models.

Call Ahead

So just give us a call before you come to make sure we can fit you in as we stay busy because our prices are the best around. And all our Services have a warranty.

We are professionals and speak Spanish too. There are many reasons a cell phone needs repair and we cater to them all. No matter what happened we can take good care of you.

cute dog with phoneiPad Repair 

That's right we repair all makes and models of iPads.
Call 973-988-2656

Tablet Repair

They haven't made a tablet that we can't repair. Just give a call and let us know you are coming.

Lap Tops

We repair and service all makes and models of laptops too. Let us know ahead with a simple phone call and we will be waiting. 973-988-2656